About us

Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development Of Widespread Sustainability


To promote development of sustainable nature by means of social and cultural activities that contribute directly to this purpose.

The raising of public awareness through series of lectures, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, “Train the trainer” programs all geared towards implementing thoroughly planned programs with the collaboration of professionals in every field of activity.

An assessment process of all planned programs that run in parallel with the implementation to evaluate the results that help our research in the different venues of application. The results of the evaluation help us improve efficiency, establishing success rates for the achievement of set targets.

Within the realm of our activities we envisage workshops of cultural, environmental and artistic interchange in collaboration with the private and public sectors as well as the implementation of MOUs signed with international organizations dedicated to similar objectives, upholding at all times the principles of providing equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, race or ethnic or religious backgrounds.


Projects and partners:

1- Embellishment Project of the Ain Mreisse corniche waterfront-Avenue de Paris, Beirut 2002-2012.

2- Monuments in public roundabouts and squares 2003-2013.

3- “Peace through the arts” The 100 artist exhibition in UNESCO palace in Beirut & city of Saida (south Lebanon) under the auspices of the Ministry of culture Lebanon and in partnership with FAM Femme Art Méditerranée  Aegis UNESCO and with the support of the ministry of foreign affairs of Greece and the Hellenic Aid 2003.

4- Embellishment of the Beirut river bank war torn wall with floral design cut ceramics 2004.

5- Embellishment of public garden murals in cut ceramics in Bourj Hammoud–Al Nabaa area 2005.

6- Art therapy “ Train the Trainer” program workshops in Rhodes, Greeces-2006 and Amman, Jordan in collaboration with FAM and Art Reach foundations 2007.

7- Children’s art exhibition Beijing Olympic Games 2008 in partnership with IPP.

8- Children’s  handicrafts in collaboration with the “DOORS” ngo 2009.

9- MOU signed with the Norwegian Refugee Fund for the English language & computer literacy courses for Iraqi refugees in Lebanon 2010.

10- Embellishment of public garden murals in cut ceramics under the flyover bridge linking Ashrafieh to Sin El Fil in Bourj Hammoud area 2012

11- Art exhibition in Sarajevo and Banja Luka in Bosnia & Herzegovina 2009 and Jakarta, Indonesia in partnership with OFAA 2010.

12- Embellishment of public garden murals in cut ceramics in Nabaa area 2010.

13- Lebanese young boys and girls folk dance participations in Ancol-Jakarta, Indonesia in collaboration with the Hariri Foundation of Sustainable development 2011.

14- International Flag Art Exhibition with 50 international Olympic artists along the new Solidere waterfront, Beirut 2012.

15- 1st NGO fair in Sagesse University in Beirut 2012.

16- Lebanon’s 1st Children’s Friendly Village under the auspices of MOSA (Ministry of social affairs) in Rashana village in Batroun region north Lebanon 2012.

17- Lebanese young boys and girls folk dance participations in Ancol-Jakarta, Indonesia in collaboration the Hamazkain Cultural Association 2013.

18- Children’s art exhibition Sochi winter Olympic Games 2013 in partnership with IPP in Sochi-Russia held during the Winter Olympic games 2014 with the participation of children from 55 countries.

19- International Banner Art exhibition in Le Yacht Club in Zaitunai Bay with the participation of 77 international artists from 50 countries under the auspices of the Lebanese minister of culture Mr. Raymond Araigi and the director of the UNESCO Beirut office Dr. Hamed Al Hamami.

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